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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for A New Shower Door

Five Shower Door Shopping Tips Infographic 

Before you even think about walking into a store or placing an order online, there are some things you’ll want to consider when shopping for a new shower door. Having these five steps completed before you shop will save you time and stress and streamline the decision-making process.

1. Pick Your Style: Shower, Pivot or Tub

Take a look at the space where your shower door will go. Do you have a narrow stall shower? A pivoting shower door (with or without a track) is the right choice. Will your shower door cover a bathtub? Pick the sliding tub door. If you’ve got a wider shower stall, choose the sliding shower door.

2. Measure Twice, Order Once

Take careful measurements of the shower opening to ensure your shower doors will fit the space. Use the width at the widest point to select the appropriate size. Choose a shower door that has a maximum width equal to or greater than the maximum width of your tub or shower opening.

3. At A Glance: Pick Your Shower Glass

Decide on the style of glass you prefer. If privacy is paramount, choose a glass with a pattern or texture. If the natural light from a nearby window energizes your morning shower, clear glass is a classic choice.

4. Finish Strong

Take a look around your bathroom and decide whether you want your shower door’s hardware and track to match the finishes already on display. You can also think of your shower door as a fresh start and purchase new coordinating items, depending on your budget.

5. See It Before You Buy It

Instead of trying to imagine what your shower door will look like, use the design tool to try different configurations and find the door that is right for you. You can even zoom in and take screen shots for a side-by-side comparison.

By following these five steps, you’ll be sure to order the shower door of your dreams. You can feel confident in-store or online after you’ve made these critical decisions. Happy shopping!