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Where can I find the Model number or the Name of my product? 

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The model number is located on the product box above the UPC code, or you can find the name of the track system on the front of most installation guides.  If you are unable to determine your model number, please contact Delta® Shower Doors Customer Care Team.

How can I order replacement parts? 

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Please visit our Replacement Parts Finder or Contact Us.

What is the difference between Framed, Semi-Framed, and Frameless? 

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All Delta® shower doors feature 1/4" (6mm), 5/16" (8mm) or 3/8" (10mm) frameless tempered glass panels. Frameless panels are easier to clean than framed doors and provide an aesthetically pleasing look that enhances any bathroom by creating a more spacious feel. Most framed doors offered on the market have an aluminum frame attached to the panel of glass. Semi-frameless doors, like frameless ones, do not have an attached frame on the glass panel. However, they offer a more substantial profile with thicker metal side pieces, along with a top and bottom track. This gives semi-frameless doors a blended look that's open and spacious while providing a pop of contrast from the finish color.

What is the difference between a pivot and a hinged shower door? 

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A hinged door is attached directly to the wall or stationary glass panel and opens like an interior door to your house. Hinges attached directly to walls will require studs for installation.

A pivot door has a pivot assembly attached to a wall profile system that is attached to your finished wall. The pivot assembly attaches to the glass at the top and bottom much like a refrigerator door. Some pivot doors will require studs for installation.

How do the 1-2-3 48"-60" Sliding Tub and Shower Tracks work? 

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These Universal tub and shower door track assembly kits are designed to fit a wide range of enclosure widths from 43-3/8" to just under 60". The design allows you to cut-to-size, ensuring a proper fit based on your final measurements. PLEASE NOTE: The track assembly kits can be cut to size, however, tempered glass cannot, so please be sure to purchase the correct size glass for your shower opening.

Are your shower doors reversible? 

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All Delta® shower doors can be installed to open from either the left-hand side or the right-hand side. For optimal water retention, install your shower door in the correct orientation in relation to your shower head. Your installation guide will indicate this proper orientation.

How do I know what size shower door I need for my opening? 

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Please review the "How to Measure Guide".

Can I get different style glass for my shower door? 

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Some of our shower door systems do offer different styles of glass.
Track systems that currently offer different style glass are our Traditional, Contemporary, and Mod shower doors.

If I have studs, do I need to use anchors? 

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The use of anchors is required as specified in the instruction set for each specific door style.

What is Spot Guard?

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Delta®'s exclusive Spot Guard technology keeps your glass sparkling. This hydrophobic coating resists water spots and other unsightly soap scum build-up to make cleaning effortless.

How do I clean my shower door?

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Clean and care for your Delta® shower door system as you would most other glass surfaces or bathroom fixtures. For regular cleaning efforts, use ONLY mild detergents or warm, soapy water. Be sure to use ONLY a non-abrasive cloth or sponge to prevent scratches to glass or the metal components. Always rinse surfaces thoroughly with water.

Before cleaning a Delta® shower door with any commercial cleaning product, test a small, inconspicuous area and inspect for any glass or metal finish discoloration or staining. Because of the wide variety of cleaning products available today and the unknown chemical contents, it’s best to check the label and avoid using cleaning products that contain certain chemicals. Delta® does not recommend the use of cleaning products that contain any of the following chemicals:

  • Naphtha
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (common household peroxide)
  • Toluene
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Lye (common in drain cleaner)
  • Acetone
  • Ammonia

Use of products containing these chemicals can cause the products to discolor and will void the warranty. While an initial use may not reveal any issues, continued or frequent use can cause harm over time. This can result in discolored finish or loss of glass clarity.

What do I do if I mis-cut top and/or bottom tracks?

+ -

If the track mis-cut is too long, take several measurements to ensure the correct value, then trim or file the track as required to the correct length. Reinstall per instructions. If a bottom track mis-cut is too short by less than 1/4", then apply caulk to the gap created. If the track mis-cut is too short by more than 1/4", you can purchase a replacement directly from us.

Please visit our Replacement Parts Finder.

Is a stud required to install my shower door?

+ -

Most, although not all, shower doors require studs for proper installation. We recommend checking for a stud location prior to purchase and referencing your specific installation guide for stud requirements.

Do your shower doors allow for out-of-plumb conditions?

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All our doors allow up to 3/8" total for out of plumb conditions. This adjustment is typically made up in the rollers or the blade/bumper seals. Refer to your instruction guide on how to make these adjustments.

What do I do if I need parts for my shower door?

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Please visit our Replacement Parts Finder or Contact Us.

Why is my sliding glass shower door leaking?

+ -

Check that the shower head is not pointed directly at the glass. If your shower door has seals or sweeps on the edges of the glass, ensure they are in the proper locations and orientations for maximum water retention. If you are unsure if your specific door style has seals or if they are properly installed, please refer to your installation guide.

Ashmore Shower Door: Are the side seals supposed to stay on my Ashmore Shower Door?

+ -

Yes, out of the box these are pre-installed, but can be changed out for replacements when needed.

Classic500/EverEdge Shower Door: What height does the top track install at for my Classic500/EverEdge shower system?

+ -

The Wall Bracket Template (Part S1) is pre-drilled for correct placement of the top track. The exact measurement for the placement is also listed on page 11, step 4b of the installation guide.

Classic500/EverEdge Shower Door: What do I do if the inside rollers are loose and easily pop out of the top track?

+ -

Once you are installing the rollers onto the glass, as you tighten them, the rollers will stabilize and hold firmly. The proper installation for the rollers is located on pages 28 through 31, steps 32 through 37 of the installation guide.

Commix Shower Door: The Fixed Panel Support screw is too short on the Commix shower door.

+ -

Take the fixed panel support bracket apart and double check that reassembly is being done per the installation guide. There are 2 sizes of set screws. Be sure to check you have the correct size in the right location. Please refer to page 7 and page 25, step 34 for visuals of the screw sizes and proper locations of their installation.

Contemporary Pivot: Where can I find the hardware to install my Semi-Frameless Contemporary Pivot Door?

+ -

This hardware can be found in the Step 1 Glass Box packaged within the Styrofoam.

Contemporary Pivot: Why is there water leaking under the bottom track or bottom pivot bracket for my Contemporary Pivot Door?

+ -

Check to see if sealant is applied correctly. If needed, reapply.

Contemporary Pivot: Why is water leaking under the glass door panel for my Contemporary Pivot Door?

+ -

Check Step 47 in the instruction guide to be sure bottom door seal is installed. If this is installed, check Step 40 in the instruction guide to be sure the bottom track has been installed correctly.

Contemporary Pivot: Why will my door not close on my Contemporary Pivot Door?

+ -

First, check to make sure that the strike jamb and the pivot jamb are the same distance from the front of the threshold. If this is correct, check distance "A" in Step 25 in the installation guide for consistency with location of top clamp and bottom clamp. 

Contemporary Pivot: I can’t get the clamps on my Contemporary Pivot Door. What do I do?

+ -

You may need to use additional force to install the clamps. We do not recommend using metal tools or other hard objects. Ensure all set screws are removed from the hinge clamps during this step and reinstall them when the clamp is in the desired position.

Contemporary Sliding Shower: Where do I install the bottom track for my Contemporary Sliding Shower or Tub Door?

+ -

The track should be installed wall to wall behind the side jambs. The track should not be installed from side jamb to side jamb. Please check which version of the Contemporary Sliding Shower door you are installing. The date on the front of your installation guide will confirm, or you may review the rollers to determine. For version 2016, the proper installation is located on pages 17 through 21, steps 13 through 21. For version 2020, the proper installation is located on pages 16 through 20, steps 13 through 20.  

Mod Sliding Shower: What do I do if the template for the Mod door goes up above my enclosure?

+ -

If the installation holes are above the enclosure, we would recommend not installing this shower door. The minimum height requirement for this door is 71-1/2" for a walk-in shower and 59-1/4" for the bathtub.

Mod Sliding Shower: Where do I place the template for the Mod shower door?

+ -

The template will be centered on the top of the lower bumpers. Please check which version of the Mod Sliding shower you are installing. The date on the front of the installation guide will confirm. For the 10mm, 2018 version the proper installation is on pages 9 through 13, steps 1 through 10. For the 6mm with glazing 2019 version, the proper installation is on pages 9 through 13, steps 1 through 10. For the 6mm without glazing 2018 version, the proper installation is on pages 9 through 13, steps 1 through 10. 

Traditional Sliding Shower: Why is the outer door on my Traditional Shower Door hard to open?

+ -

The Center Guide may not be properly placed. The Center Guide needs to be correctly mounted on the Bottom Track. It should not be jammed against Bottom Glazing Components.
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Traditional Sliding Shower: Why are the back of the handles and/or rollers hitting when the doors try to bypass?

+ -

Check that both of your side jambs are the same distance from the front of the threshold. Check that the handles and rollers have been tightened and are snug. If you continue to have issues, reach out to The Delta® Shower Doors Customer Care Team.



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