Can I Install My Own Shower Door Or Should I Hire A Pro?

Can I Install My Own Shower Door Or Should I Hire A Pro?

Imagine the reward of dusting your hands off and admiring your newly installed glass shower door, one you installed on your own. A DIY project is something you can be proud of every time you see it in your home. On the other hand, we’ve all had DIY installations or assemblies that ended in a torrent of curses and endless frustration. To help you make an informed decision, let's explore when it's suitable to DIY and when it's best to just call in the experts.

Can I Install a Shower Door Myself?

If you can confidently say yes to the following, you’re probably capable of installing a glass shower door in your bathroom:

  • Skill Level: If you have experience with DIY projects, possess basic carpentry skills, and are comfortable using tools like a level, drill, and screwdriver, installing a glass shower door is an achievable DIY task. If you can install or swap out a ceiling fan, this is a similar level of DIY skill.
  • Budget: DIY projects tend to be more cost-effective since you won't need to pay for professional labor. However, some DIY mistakes can be costly, so weigh the potential savings against the risk of errors.
  • Time: DIY installations can take longer, especially if it's your first time. Be prepared to invest time in researching, measuring, and executing the installation properly. Do you have the time and patience to do the installation right? Or does it make you sigh in relief just to have a pro take care of it?

Should I Hire a Pro to Install My Shower Door?

  • Complexity: If the installation of your shower door involves intricate designs, specialized hardware, or custom fittings, it is smart to hire a professional. They have the expertise and tools to handle complex installations.
  • Safety: Shower door panels can be heavier and more awkward to maneuver than you might expect, and, depending on your particular door, two people are either recommended or required for installation. If you don’t feel comfortable handling weights upwards of 75 lbs. and/or don’t have a second person to help, a professional will be the best choice. They’ll have the team and experience to ensure the glass is installed securely.
  • Warranty and Insurance: Many professionals offer warranties for their work. This provides peace of mind in case any issues arise after installation. Additionally, hiring a pro often means you'll have access to their insurance coverage in case of accidental damage during the installation process. Be diligent and ask questions before hiring.
  • Time and Convenience: Hiring a professional can save you time and frustration. They can complete the installation quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy your new shower door sooner.

Ultimately, the decision to DIY or hire a professional for installing a glass shower door depends on your skill level, budget, time constraints, and the complexity of the project. DIY can save you money and be satisfying, but it’s necessary to consider the risks and difficulties. If you're uncertain or if the project requires a high level of precision, it's often best to enlist the expertise of a professional. If you decide to hire a professional, make sure to ask for the installation guides and other information that accompanies your product at the time of sale. This information contains important safety information, as well as maintenance and care, troubleshooting, and contact information for Delta Shower Doors Customer Care. Keep in mind the end goal: to have a gorgeous, sparkling new shower door that functions without a hitch. 

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Disclaimer: Liberty Hardware does not partner with professionals and cannot make recommendations.  Liberty Hardware assumes no liability for shower door systems that are installed incorrectly or that do not comply with its installation instructions, and a professional installer’s incorrect installation may void the warranty.