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Customer Support

Customer support experts answer Delta Faucet product FAQs; contact us by Live Chat, register products or find reviews


To help assist with the selection, installation and maintenance of your shower door, we provide customer service that adds support. A 1-800 number is provided on all product labels and our website to help with questions and comments regarding shower doors. Friendly customer service representatives possess product knowledge and undergo rigorous training to help with most selection and installation needs. If needed, more technical information is required due to unique installation situations. When this occurs, the customer service representatives can contact additional resources where more technical solutions are required.

Register Your Shower Door


Product registration helps us continue providing you with the finest products available.

Contact Us about your shower door

Contact Us

Give us a call on the Delta Help Line, send us an email or drop a quick comment in our contact box.

Your Shower Door Warranty


Delta Faucet plumbing products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years.

Shower Door FAQ


Have questions about Delta Glass Shower Doors? Here are many answers.