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Transparent vs. Opaque Shower Doors: Which Is Best?

Transparent vs. Opaque Shower Doors header image 

One of the most important customizable parts of your shower door is the glass. After you select the type of door and the size, you can use the design tool to select the type of glass you’d like for your shower. As you hover over the images, you’ll get an up-close view of each style or pattern. This will help you imagine how it will look in your bathroom and help you decide which style will fit best with your preference for privacy and light.

The most basic choice is clear glass, which allows for maximum light but no privacy. The colorless, transparent glass panels are also the most likely to show water spots, so you might prefer a textured look.

On the other end of the shower-door spectrum is the Niebla glass. This glass is completely frosted and allows for maximum privacy while retaining translucence: light passes through but is diffused, so you are not completely visible.

The Transition glass panels are clear on the top and bottom with horizontal frosted stripes in the middle. The thickest stripe of frosted glass is in the middle, allowing for partial privacy behind the variegated glass. Tranquility also allows for a high level of privacy, with mostly frosted glass that features small cutout patterns and style accents of clear glass.

If you like patterns, Ojo is a great choice, with its Moroccan-style glass panels covered by frosted arabesques. Another great patterned choice is the Mozaic glass, which features small frosted squares on its glass panels. The geometric patterns of both the Ojo and the Mozaic are symmetrical, which is pleasing to the eye.

If you prefer a natural design, the Droplet glass features cascading drop shapes that range in size to create a denser pattern toward the middle of the glass. There are fewer drops at the top and bottom of the glass, allowing for more light.

Finally, the Rain glass doors are completely covered in textured glass that resembles water running down the panels. This creates a spa-like feel and can help reduce the visibility of water spots. It allows for privacy and a relaxing feel that will transform your shower into an escape.

Whatever type of glass you choose for your shower doors, from clear to frosted to patterned, you’re making an investment in your bathroom that you’ll enjoy for years to come.