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Glass Shower Door Hardware

Glass Shower Door Hardware

Glass Shower Door Hardware:  Handle, Wheels, Seal, & Rollers

Door handles and door knobs are a great way to personalize a tub or shower door for any bathroom design.  Often called towel bars, towel handles, door knobs or pivot knobs, these handles allow glass doors to be opened and closed when entering and exiting shower enclosures.

It’s common for most sliding tub and sliding shower doors to use two bar posts that install onto the door.  A bar connects the two posts to allow a towel or other item to be placed over the bar.  The towel bars can be different lengths depending on the style and features of the doors.  Framed shower doors can attach a towel bar in several ways. One way, is to attach a bracket to the framed part of the glass panel using screws.  On frameless glass doors, holes drilled through the glass provide the means of attachment while generally improving the overall appearance of the door.

A unique feature of the Delta® Shower Door program is the length of all the towel bars in our shower hardware collection.  Each towel bar is sized to fit all sliding tub and sliding shower doors.  With each towel bar made to the same length, the risk of selecting an incorrect size is eliminated while offering increased selection at the same time.
Pivoting shower door knobs also provide a way to open and close pivot or hinged shower doors.  These usually install onto the frame on framed pivoting doors or use a drilled hole on frameless glass door panels.  The Delta® Shower Door program also offers pivoting knobs in a variety of finishes and designs to personalize the appearance of the door depending on bathroom design needs.