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Walk In Shower Ideas

Walk in Shower Ideas

Walk In Shower Design & Ideas | Delta Shower Doors

Walk in showers can transform your bathroom by introducing a whole new world of wet. If you would like to step up to the next level of clean, explore these pictures of recent projects and see what we mean.

Ready to discover a whole new wet world of walk in shower options?

What is a walk in shower? Showers that lack a tub are commonly called ‘walk-in’ shower enclosures.

Why should I choose a walk in shower design? With a variety of bathroom design and fixture options, walk-in showers represent a popular option for many projects when a tub is not a desirable option.  These are shower enclosures that do not feature a tub in their design.  

How large are walk in showers? Common sizes include 48-inch and 60-inch enclosures, however, customer installations can be any size depending on the environment and design objectives involved.  

Is a walk in shower right for my bathroom?  Bathrooms that target adult use, target therapeutic use or feature extensive designs, are common features of walk-in showers.  In most instances, a Delta® shower door can be used if the enclosure is a standard size measurement.  

Can I customize my walk in shower designs?  If the particular design features a custom opening, additional return panels or other specialized design enhancements, other door enclosure options may be needed.