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Shower Design Ideas

Shower Enclosure Ideas

Shower enclosures & surround ideas by Delta Faucet

Take harbor inside your shower sanctuary with enclosures that are sure to keep in the warmth and wetness. Now you can wash away your day and beat the stress without creating a wet mess.

Wash away your #HappiMess and keep your bathroom dry

What is a shower enclosure? A shower enclosure is a watertight structure with enclosing walls, a draining floor and door or open access way.

Are there limits to enclosed shower designs? Not really. Designs can be simple in nature or very extravagant with no limits to size.

What are the most popular options? The most common shower enclosures in most popular homes are tubs that feature showering capabilities.

What type of shower doors should be used? We see a lot of walk-in showers that can use either sliding glass panels or pivoting panels that operate like regular doors.

When can a Delta shower door be used?

In most instances, a Delta® shower door can be used if the enclosure is a standard size measurement. If the particular design features a custom opening, additional return panels or other specialized design enhancements, other door enclosure options may be needed.