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Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors | Delta Faucet - Walk-in

Choosing the right sliding glass shower door can be tricky.

The right design can really smooth out your new shower experience. 

Sliding shower doors are designed to be installed on the shower pan or tile apron and generally include two panels of glass that both slide from right to left allowing access to the showering area from either side.  

Sliding shower doors are taller than sliding tub doors and afford walk-in access because you don’t have to step over the tub apron to enter the shower.

Sliding shower doors use a roller system that is attached to the glass and rides in a top track and utilizes a bottom track to keep the doors aligned and tracking in good order.

Side jambs are also often included to keep water from escaping around the closed door. These side jambs can also include bumpers that prevent the doors from slamming and keep the doors closed during use.  The top track, bottom track and side jambs are generally made from anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion.

Each shower door in the Delta® shower door program is designed to be used effectively to contain water in 48-inch or 60-inch shower.  While each glass panel is identical, the inside panel on most sliding or bypass shower doors will need to be positioned closer to the water showerhead faucet to be effective in containing water within the enclosure. 

A sliding shower door from Delta® can provide the necessary performance required to balanced function and design to improve the bathroom of any home.