Delta® Shower Doors: How to Measure Guide

Accurate measurements are a critical step to successfully buying
and installing a shower door. This measurement guide will help ensure you’re capturing
all the necessary areas of your shower enclosure to get the right sized door.

First, confirm that you are taking all your measurements from your final, finished walls. This means all tile work has been finished or the acrylic surround and base has been installed. There are three main areas that are critical to measure:

  1. Vertical Opening: Measure from the top of the shower or bathtub threshold up to the top of the acrylic surround or tile wall.
  2. Horizontal Openings: Measure width of opening at the top and the bottom of the enclosure
    • Calculate the difference between the “B” measurements at top and bottom and ensure it is less than 3/8″. All Delta shower and bathtub doors are designed to accommodate out-of-plumb conditions totaling 3/8″.
  3. Sill or Threshold Depth: Measure the depth from front to back (edge to edge) of the shower or bathtub threshold.

Other Important Considerations

Stud Location: Most Delta® shower and bathtub doors require installation into side wall studs to help support the weight of the door. Prior to purchase, check for the stud locations to ensure that you will be able to install the door.

Recommended Clearance Height for Installation: This is the recommended minimum height in the space where the door will be installed. Following this recommendation ensures there is enough room to angle the glass panels into position for installation.

Please Note: Shower doors are sold by their rounded maximum width (e.g., a 60-inch door may have a maximum install width of 59-3/8 inches) and most doors have an installation range.

Required measurements vary by product, refer to your specific product installation guide for exact specifications and requirements. For additional assistance please reference the FAQs or contact our Customer Care Team.


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