To make sure you get the right parts for your specific door, use one of the methods below.

This specific Collection has different versions, with different parts for each version. There are two ways you can determine which version you have.

1 - Check Installation Guide

Do you still have your installation guide? If so, look on the cover in the bottom right corner. You’ll see the manufacturing year.

If the year is 2016, you have version A. If the year is 2020, you have version B.

Now you can use the product title to identify which parts work for your door version.

2 - Identify existing door parts

The images below are of your outside and inside door roller assembly (Parts C and D in your installation guide). Please review the inside roller assembly (Part D) specific to your Delta Contemporary Shower or Tub door.

On the top of inside roller assembly, there are openings for adjustments. Version A will have a slot for adjustment that is oriented vertically.  Version B’s adjustment method will have three separate holes oriented diagonally.

This is Version A

Delta Shower Door Replacement Part

This is Version B

Delta Shower Door Replacement Part

Still not sure? Let us help.

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