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3 Custom Shower Ideas to Wow Your Guests

3 Custom Shower Ideas to Wow Your Guest header image 

Part of the fun of being a guest in someone else’s house is finding inspiration for your own home. You get the chance to try new foods and products, or use new appliances that you might enjoy but hadn’t seen before. If you’ve got guests coming to visit, here are three ways to really get them talking about your custom shower door. Maybe you’ll see one in their bathroom the next time you visit.

A Touch of Bronze

When you upgrade your shower door by creating a custom look, consider adding a contemporary style track with a bronze finish. You can see the copper reveal at the edges of the rollers, which creates a pop of stylish color. A hot bathroom trend, bronze adds class and warmth. To see how this style will look before you buy, try the Delta Shower Doors design tool. Select the type of door you need, and you’ll find seven different styles of handles available in bronze. Each includes copper highlights that echoes the style of the shower track, creating a cohesive look that will impress your guests.

Classy Glass

Another element that you can select with the design tool is the style of glass. If you’re hoping to create an eye-catching style that guests will remember, consider selecting glass with a pattern or texture. The symmetrical and eye-pleasing Ojo pattern creates a stylish look. The patterned Tranquility glass design creates a focal point and adds a classic element to the shower door. You can also bring a natural look to your bath space by choosing glass with a Rain pattern. This textured glass is particularly helpful at hiding anything on the glass, so it’s perfect for a guest bath where someone will be staying for a few days between cleanings.

Handle It Yourself

The final step of creating a custom shower door with the design tool—selecting a handle—is another opportunity to add photo-worthy elements to your bathroom. Complete your contemporary look by adding a Portman single shower handle. It features a built-in towel hook, a great spot to include a loofa or extra towel for your guests. You can also hang a little bag of toiletries they may have forgotten to pack: shampoo, lotion and soap. This extra touch will make guests feel welcome and let them know you looked forward to their visit.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create a beautiful shower space that your guests will enjoy. You can create a custom look with showroom styles and finishes. By selecting modern track styles and adding a few unexpected elements, you may inspire your guests to return home and create a custom shower experience of their own.