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The Weekend Makeover: 48 Hours to a Whole New Bathroom

Weekend Bathroom Makeover header image 

Have you looked at your bathroom and longed to give it an update, but put it off because of time and money? Not all home remodels have to last for months and cost thousands of dollars. All you need for a dramatic bathroom update is a solid plan, a free weekend and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Here are some ideas for creating a whole new look in your bathroom in just 48 hours. Be sure to take some before and after pictures to post on social media!

Plan to Succeed

The first thing to do is map out a plan, including your budget. Pick a weekend to focus on this project, and be sure to gather all the supplies you’ll need before that date. You’ll want to spend your time performing the makeover, not driving to home-improvement stores to pick up forgotten items. The best projects begin with a thorough plan!

Shower Door Installation

While you’re deciding where to devote your resources, focus on how to get the most bang for your buck. Great places to start? Your shower and bathtub, where you spend most of your bathroom time, washing away the day’s stress and soaking in the tub. If you’ve got some DIY skills, installing a shower door is an excellent project that will change the look of your entire bathroom. Take a look at our guide for accurate measuring, and consider whether you’ll be installing a sliding tub door, a sliding shower door or a pivoting shower door.

When designing your new shower door, you can opt for a bronze finish with a Contemporary track, or a polished brass finish with a Traditional track. There are many combinations to consider, and with the Delta Shower Doors design tool, you can play with different looks until you find something that suits your taste. Don’t forget to select a handle to complete the look.


Phase Two of your weekend remodel is installing a new faucet. Based on the style of your shower door, choose a coordinating look for your faucet. They say the hardest part of installing a new faucet is getting rid of the old one, but it’s simple, once you clear out the cabinet. If your budget permits, you might even choose to remove the cabinet entirely and opt for a pedestal sink to save space.

Finishing Touches

With a new faucet and shower door, your bathroom is starting to look like an entirely new space. Now it’s time for the final details. Consider adding a new shower head. You can save water and enjoy a warmer, more luxurious experience with an H2Okinetic shower head.

Your new space also deserves new décor, so choose a few items to place around the bathroom to complete the look. You might choose a coastal theme with some nautical items, or a clean modern look with coordinating metallic bath accessories. Add a coat of mildew resistant paint or wallpaper that can withstand moisture and condensation and your new bathroom will be complete.