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Sliding Glass Shower Doors Compatibility Guide

Sliding Glass Shower Doors Compatibility Guide header

How to Choose The Right Sliding Glass Shower Door For Your Bathroom

Choosing the right size sliding glass door for your shower only requires a few moments and a measuring tape. The doors are designed to be installed on the shower pan or the tile apron and generally include two panels of glass that slide, to allow access from either side of the shower entry.

Delta sliding shower doors are sold in two sizes: 48 inches and 60 inches, but they can be cut to fit the exact opening of a door. Take a measurement of the width of your shower opening at its widest point. The shower door you choose will need to be at least that width. The concept is the same for a pivoting door. Measure in two locations to confirm that you have the true width before purchasing the doors.

Now that your tape is warmed up, take a third measurement of the height of your shower enclosure. Sliding shower doors are taller than tub doors and afford walk-in access without having to step over the tub apron to enter the shower. The height of Delta shower doors is provided on all packages and with all online listings so you can be sure you’re getting the right size.

Once you’ve determined what size and style door you’ll need, select your glass. Many patterns are available, and you can see how each will look by clicking on our design tool. Patterned designs include Droplet, Ojo, Tranquility, Mosaic and Transition. Rain is a textured pattern, while Niebla is frosted. You can also choose a classic clear-glass door to allow maximum light into the shower.

Sliding shower doors use a roller system that is attached to the glass and rides in a top and bottom track to keep the door aligned. Select a track style — contemporary (chrome or nickel) or traditional (bronze, nickel, chrome, white or polished brass) — and a finish that suits your style.

Finally, choose a handle to complete the look of your new shower door. Two-handle versions are available in a variety of finishes to match the track, or you can opt for a Simplicity single handle, with two knobs inside the shower (if you prefer not to have a bar inside the shower).

Your new shower doors are designed to effectively contain water in your shower. Side jambs (often included) keep water from escaping around the closed door and have bumpers to prevent the doors from slamming or opening during use. The top track, bottom track and side jambs are generally made from anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion and provide great design that you’ll enjoy for years.