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No Top Track Style Pivoting Shower Door Installation

With the right tools and knowledge, a pivoting shower door installation adds style and value to any bathroom. Unlike a sliding bathtub or shower door, a pivoting shower door is a bit more complex to install due to the design and function of the door. While not a project for a novice, if access to the proper tools and knowledge about construction basics is available, it can be a favorable experience.

A key ingredient to correct installation is clear and comprehensive pivoting door instructions. To complete a pivoting shower door install, about a dozen tools are needed. While most tools are basic and common to most households, a few are unique to the installation of a pivoting shower door. Always check the product or instructions to ensure the right tools are available.

Fundamental troubleshooting experience is often needed to address possible door-related enclosure issues, such as out-of-plumb conditions. A very important installation step that is very crucial to any pivoting door installation is to ‘measure twice – and cut once’. This targets the bottom track installation step of pivoting shower doors. Care should be taken at this step to ensure a successful installation.

A key ingredient to any successful pivoting door installation is the careful review and thorough following of the instructions. The Delta® Shower Door program offers very thorough installation instructions that feature detailed illustrations and text to provide as much information as possible in a simple and easy-to-follow format. In addition, installation videos are available on our website to help provide assistance. For additional help, call our customer service at 1-800-964-4850 for installation, parts or technical questions.

Mounting the Pivot Plate

Hanging the Door

Alignment of Side Jambs


No Top Track Pivot Door Installation Instructions