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Shower Remodeling Ideas

Shower Remodels

Shower Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Ideas | Delta Faucet - Bath Remodel


Bathroom remodeling; the room to invest in

It's often been said that the most important rooms of the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Remodeling your water closet is a great investment and can have a great effect on your family's happiness.

Ask yourself a few pertinent questions:

  • How big is your bathroom?  The average 6' by 6' bathroom will have just enough room for a tub/shower combo, toilet and sink - so no need to splurge his & hers sinks.
  • What's your timeline?  You can make a big difference in one weekend if you budget your time and make simple yet impactful changes like installing a shower door instead of that dingy shower curtain.
  • Will you be living in your home during the renovation?  If so, make sure you have a second bathroom or have friendly neighbors!
  • Are you going to do the work yourself or hire it out?
  • What's your budget?  You can make big changes while keeping a little change in your pocket.

From a simple makeover that might include paint, a new faucet and new fashion bath accessories, to a more extensive remodel that removes drywall and involves replacing floor tile, new cabinets, bathing fixtures and complete plumbing replacement.

A shower door is a part of any simple to even more extravagant bathroom remodel projects. With many types and styles available, a shower door is easily one of the most convenient and effective ways to improve any bathroom renovation project.

Determining the extent of any bathroom remodel is determined by the design, cost and who will perform the work involved. Depending on the skill of the homeowner, many of the areas involved in a bathroom renovation can be accomplished without the use of professional services.  

With basic remodeling knowledge, the appropriate use of required tools, and understanding of design and material fundamentals, a bathroom renovation can be a successful project for any home.  A key part of this effort is use of a tub or shower door that adds function by keeping water inside the enclosure as well as adding style to a bath.

Selecting a coordinating frame finish and selecting a unique glass texture or glass pattern is a simple way homeowners can add their personal taste.