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Privacy Glass For Shower Doors

Privacy Glass for Shower Doors

Bathroom Shower Doors - Privacy Glass Design & Style | Delta


Privacy glass seems to be an easy style-win for bathroom redesigns, but for some reason people don’t always see this so clearly. Explore our stunning selection of etched, opaque and patterned shower doors for stylish solutions that perfectly balance light flow with privacy.

What type of shower door privacy glass will fit your bathroom needs? 

The Delta® Shower door program offers individual glass components that allow each bathroom to be personalized. With many glass types available, some provide greater privacy needs. Shared bathrooms or bathrooms located in high-traffic areas may make bathing more comfortable with glass that provides increased privacy.

Create a stylishly secluded shower space with patterned glass doors.

If privacy is a design interest, it can be accomplished by using a textured patterned glass or a patterned glass design:

  • Textured glass is glass that has an embedded design that is molded into one side of the glass. 
  • This glass treatment distorts the image from within the glass enclosure without limiting light. 
  • Popular glass types are RAIN glass as an example. 

    Delta® offers most of these glass types in sliding tub, sliding shower and pivoting shower configurations. New patterns are always being developed and are available on-line for purchasing if not offered in-store.


Etched Privacy Glass | Delta Faucet - Bathroom Shower Doors

Etched Glass

The possibilities of glass design are endless. Here are some etched examples to see what you’re missing.

Opaque Privacy Glass | Delta Faucet - Bathroom Shower Doors

Opaque Glass

Sometimes the right answer is not so clear. Discover your privacy glass solutions today!

Patterned Privacy Glass | Delta Faucet - Bathroom Shower Doors

Patterned Glass

Impress. Conceal. Repeat. Patterned glass means the archetype is worthy of imitation. Find your perfect bathroom accent with these great designs.