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Make It Modern: Bring Your Bathroom Style Into the 21st Century

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Is your house still rocking shag carpet and macramé planters? If you’re tired of décor that dates back to the disco era, consider bringing things up to date. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time, but it should allow you to enjoy your home more.

If time and money are considerations when choosing updates, start with spaces you use often. The bathroom is a great place to begin.

Take a look at the finishes of the bathroom’s faucet, shower, towel bar and other accessories; metallic will catch your eye and command attention when you enter the space. With a few simple changes, you’ll have a contemporary space that feels less like a time capsule and more like a spa.

Delta Shower Doors can be customized with a variety of track and handle finishes. The Contemporary track style, with its frameless glass, is a great choice if you’re going for a modern look in the shower. When paired with the Lyndall handle, especially in the nickel finish, it creates a clean and minimalist approach to the modern trend. The recently added bronze finish is also available in the Contemporary track style and Lyndall handle, if you prefer a darker, richer tone.

The Lyndall handle also works well if you prefer the look that a Traditional track offers, but you want to maintain a sleek style. The rounded edges and simple design create an up-to-date twist on the classic track style. Take the modern motif a step further by choosing patterned Transition glass for the sliding doors.

Complete the look by replacing your other bath hardware with coordinating items from the Lyndall collection: towel bars or rings, a robe hook and toilet-paper holder. Whether you choose nickel or bronze, these updates will bring your bathroom up to par with current trends while providing a look that will be appealing for years to come.