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Modern Bathtub Door Installation Instructions

Installing a sliding bathtub door, whether Traditional, Contemporary, or Modern style, can be easier than most people think. However, it might be more than a beginner can handle. Knowing the correct tools to use and how to handle them correctly are the first steps to starting an installation. Also, a family member or a friend with project experience is another great way to make your sliding bathtub door installation a favorable experience. Examples of projects that are similar in complexity would be installation of a ceiling fan or an under sink garbage disposal.

For more experienced DIYers, any job is made easier with clear instructions and access to the right tools. Most are popular tools found around the home. A step that is extremely crucial to any sliding bathtub door installation is to ‘measure twice – and cut once’. This targets the cutting and installation of the top-track and bottom track that are common to virtually all bathtub doors. If an error occurs at this step of the installation, it can prevent correct operation of the bathtub door.

To help make the installation of a Delta® sliding bathtub door easier, we offer thorough directions that use detailed illustrations and text to provide the information in an easy-to-follow format. In addition, installation videos are available on our website to help provide assistance. Our customer service can also provide assistance by calling 1-800-964-4850 for installation, parts or technical questions.

Modern Track with 6mm Glass