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How To Make Bath Time Fun: Clever Ideas for Kids

How To Make Bath Time Fun header image 

When you’ve got little ones, bath time can be a special time of play, bonding and, of course, getting clean. Kids can pretend they’re a pirate on a high-seas adventure, or a scuba diver searching for treasure in the ocean. Your shower doors can be a part of the opportunity for creativity. Here are some ideas for how to use your shower doors for safe and fun play in the bath.

Get Organized

Sponges, action figures, cups and cars are great fun in the bathtub. If you’ve got an assortment of bath toys floating around, consider adding a plastic hanging basket to the inside door handle on your shower door. Some storage baskets even come with suction cups so you can place them at the appropriate height for your child. Look for one made of mesh or with slots in the bottom so water can drain, helping prevent mold or mildew from growing.

Spell It Out

A glass shower door can be the perfect place to display art and learning aids. Soft foam alphabet and numerical sponges can facilitate learning. Some will even stick to the glass. In addition to helping kids learn their letters, you can also give a lesson on finding all the shapes of a similar color.

Bubble Bath Artist

Keep your kids in the tub longer by enticing them to express their creativity on the walls and doors of your shower. Clear or textured shower doors make a great surface for painting in the bath. To make bath paints, mix ½ cup baby wash with ½ cup of corn starch. Add in 2 tablespoons of water and a couple of drops of food coloring. Make different colors in an ice cube tray, grab some paint brushes and let the fun begin! Be sure to wash off the paint as soon as you’re done to help prevent staining.

Make a Splash

Any bath toys with suction cups will work well with your shower doors. Older kids interested in building and engineering will have a blast with a waterworks play set. Each chute, funnel and waterwheel will stick to your shower door. Your child can control the flow of water, and then experiment with endless configurations to make the water flow through twisty, straight and stair-step chutes.

With these ideas for creative play, your kids will be asking for extra bath time and will look forward to getting squeaky clean.