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How to Customize Your Shower Door

Customize Your Shower Door Infographic 

Making your bathroom a space that truly reflects your personal style has never been easier. If you want to see how your choices will look before you install them, check out the Delta Shower Door design tool.

There are more than 1,350 combinations of shower door components available through the online design tool (350 of which are specific to bathtub doors), so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. You’ll get a preview of each customized element and see how they fit together.

Step 1: Choose Your Glass

Whether you’re interested in installing doors on your shower or bathtub, the first step is to select the type of glass that suits your space. Eight options are available, ranging from transparent to frosted or patterned.

Step 2: Choose Track Kit

If you’re trying to achieve a modern, simple look in the bathroom, consider the contemporary shower door track style, available in chrome, nickel and bronze. The exposed roller system is a fashionable choice as you can see the doors slide. If you’re more interested in a solid, conventional look, choose the traditional track in one of five finishes. In all, there are eight combinations possible for track style and finish.

Step 3: Choose Your Shower Door Handle

There are a variety of handle styles available in several finishes. Some are sleek and modern, while others are angular and ornate. Consider the other fixtures in your bathroom and create a cohesive look, or select an eye-catching coordinating style.

Finishing Touches

Complete your customized shower door design by choosing coordinating hardware: toilet paper holders, towel bars, and hangers and/or hooks. With so many possibilities, you can create a bath space that truly feels like home.