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Shower Doors

Patterned Privacy Glass for Shower Doors

patterned privacy glass shower doors with opaque, frosted & textured designs

Patterned privacy glass is the perfect way to add a little decorative fun to your morning routine. Wake up to charming, sophisticated and versatile solutions. 

Select a unique design to meet the style and needs of your bathroom

The Delta® Shower door program offers separate glass panels that allow each bathroom to select a unique design.  Many glass choices feature a silk-screen glass design that provides both increased privacy needs while offering some design elements that can coordinate with the style of the bathroom.  Shared bathrooms or bathrooms located in high-traffic areas may make bathing more comfortable with glass that provides increased privacy.  

Silk-screened patterned glass is a popular choice for more privacy.

For more privacy, glass using a silk-screened patterned glass design is a popular choice. This glass features a glass design that is silk-screened (painted) onto the glass before being heated during the tempering process.  This permanently adheres the pattern to the glass for durability.  Depending on the design, the pattern limits the ability to see into the enclosure without limiting light.  The patterns also provide an added design element that helps the door contribute to the design coordination of the bathroom.

Delta offers popular designs and continually develops new glass patterns

Delta® offers many popular designs in glass patterns for sliding tub, sliding shower and pivoting shower types.  New patterns are always being developed and are available on-line for purchasing if not offered in-store.