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Pivoting Shower Doors

Pivoting Shower Doors

Pivot, Bifold & Hinged Shower Door Enclosure | Delta Faucet

Pivoting shower doors are a great way to update your shower sway. Discover your bathroom’s turning point with these stylish options for your entryway. 

Enjoy easy installation and easier access with hinged shower doors.

Pivoting shower doors are sometimes referred to as swinging shower doors and like sliding shower doors are designed to be installed on the shower pan or tile apron. 

What is a pivoting shower door?  Pivoting shower doors use a pivot point either at the top and bottom of the door or in some cases the side of the door that allows the door to swing outward allowing access to the shower area.  

What are the benefits?  They also afford easy access because the door can be configured to open from the left or the right depending often times on the location of a toilet or a sink. 

Do hinged doors seal in water?  Pivoting shower doors also use a bottom track and side jambs to help prevent water from getting out of the showering area as well as a mechanism to make adjustments to the sides of the opening to compensate for out of plumb conditions allowing the door to open and close easily. In some cases a top track is also used to provide the top pivot point for the door. 

What type of material is used?  The top track, bottom track and side jambs are generally made from anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion.

Embrace the natural stability of our pivoting shower door designs.

How do they work?  Pivoting shower doors use upper and lower pivot points to operate the glass and offers stability and structural support, thanks to the way it naturally distributes the load bearing requirements of the glass panel. 

What type of showers do they fit?  Pivoting shower doors can be designed for any configuration but custom enclosure needs may require specialized designs and sizes.

For most common 27-inch to 36-inch pivot shower enclosures, a Delta® branded door can be used. 

Are Delta's hinged shower doors left or right handed?  To assist homeowners, the doors are also designed to be installed either in a left- or right-handed opening.  In most instances, a Delta® pivot door can be used if the enclosure is a standard size measurement. 

What are the size options for pivoting shower doors?  Unlike many tub or most walk-in showers, pivot fixtures feature a greater variety of sizes and therefore width opening requirements. If the particular design features a custom opening, additional return panels or other specialized design enhancements, other door enclosure options may be needed.

How can you tell if your shower enclosure will fit a pivoting door?

If a home features a common size shower enclosure ranging from 27 to 36-inches, a Delta® pivoting door can be used with great results.  A key difference for selecting a pivoting shower door is ability for the door to operate like a regular door unlike a sliding or bypass shower door.  Depending on the layout of the bathroom, proximity to other fixtures in the bathroom like toilets and pedestal lavatories, a pivoting door may be a preferred door type.