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Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration header

Shower Door Buying Guide

Learn how to pick a shower door that fits your bathroom and style with this handy shower door buying guide from Delta Faucet.

Shower Door Buying Guide thumbnail image

Sliding Shower Door Guide

Learn how to choose a sliding glass shower door that works in your bathroom with this sliding glass shower door compatibility guide from Delta Faucet.

Sliding Shower Door Guide thumbnail image

Bronze Shower Door Guide

Learn more about bronze shower doors, how they could work in your bathroom, shower door design ideas and more.

Bronze Shower Door Guide thumnail image

Modernize Your Bathroom

Bring your bathroom style into the 21st Century with these design tips.

Make It Modern thumbnail image

The Weekend Bathroom Makeover

Learn how to update your bathroom in 48 hours and create a customized space.

Weekend Makeover thumbnail image

Transparent vs. Opaque Shower Doors

Explore the options for shower door glass, from transparent to frosted or patterned.

Transparent versus Opaque Shower Doors thumbnail image

Tips for Buying Shower Doors

Keep these five things in mind when you're shopping for a new shower door.

Tips for Buying Shower Doors thumbnail image

Shower Door Style Tips

Learn more about the options for coordinating elements of your shower door hardware with accessories from Delta® Faucet.

Shower Door Style Tips thumbnail image

Safety Glass and Shower Doors

Learn more about the safety of glass shower doors and how Delta® Shower Doors are made with safety as a top priority.

Safety Glass Shower Doors thumbnail image

Custom Designed Shower Door Upgrades

Learn more about how you can easily change the look of a custom shower door with a few simple upgrades.

Shower Door Upgrades thumbnail image

Customize Your Delta® Shower Door

See the three easy steps to customize your shower door with this handy infographic.

How to Customize Your Shower Door thumbnail image

3 Improvements That Will Increase Your Home's Value

Read more about three home improvement projects that will add value to your home.

3 improvements thumbnail image

3 Custom Shower Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Read these three custom shower ideas for the inspiration you need to create a memorable experience for guests in your home.

How to Know It’s Time for a Bathroom Upgrade

Read this short list of circumstances that set the stage for a whole new bathroom look: know when it’s time to upgrade your bathroom with these tips.

How To Make Bath Time Fun: Clever Ideas for Kids

Discover new ways to make bath time fun for your kids with these fun bath ideas.

bathtime thumbnail image