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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Shower Door Selection

1. So I purchase everything separately?

Our 1-2-3 step program enables you to customize a shower door to your personal style and décor. Step 1: choose your glass, Step 2: choose your track, and Step 3: choose your handle or knob. With over 1,500+ combinations you will be sure to find something unique that you love! Be sure to follow the color coding system identified on our packaging to ensure you are walking away with the correct 3 pieces that you need: yellow for sliding bathtub, green for sliding shower, and blue for pivoting.

2. Will this door fit?

The suggested min/max for each door includes:

  • Sliding 60" Bathtub:

Traditional Style Sliding Door 60” BathtubContemorary Style Sliding Door 60” Bathtub

  • Sliding 48" - 60" Shower:

Traditional Style Sliding Shower Door 60”Contemporary Style Sliding Shower Door 60”

  • 31" Top Track Pivoting Door:

31” Top Track Pivoting Shower Door

  • 36" Top Track Pivoting Door:

36” Top Track Pivoting Shower Door

  • 27" - 36" No Top Track Pivoting Door:

Glass sizes with opening min/max of 27" - 30", 30" - 33" & 33" - 36"

27” No Top Track Pivoting Shower Door

3. How does a 48"-60" Sliding Shower track work?

Our shower door track assembly kits are designed to fit a wide range of enclosures from 48” all the way up to 60”. When installing our track into an opening that is less than 60”, depending on your final measurement, you can expect to cut an inch or two off both the top and bottom track in order for it to fit properly. When installing our track into a 48” opening, again, depending on your final measurement, you can expect to cut off approximately 12” from each of the top and bottom track in order to accommodate a smaller enclosure. Tempered glass, however, cannot be cut to size so please be sure to purchase the correct size glass for your shower opening.

4. How does 27”-36” No Top Track Pivoting Door work?

The track assembly kit for our 27”-36” door can be installed by simply cutting the bottom track to the proper size for your enclosure.  To cover a wide range of enclosures we offer3 glass sizes that include 27”-30”, 30”-33”, and 33”-36”. Be sure to measure the interior width of your enclosure to determine which size glass you need.

5. Does the Contemporary Style track require different glass and handles?

No. Our Contemporary Style track was designed to work with our existing glass and handles just as our Traditional Style track does. Keep in mind the max width and height is slightly different than the Traditional Style track, so be sure to measure your enclosure.

6. How do I decide what size glass to buy for the No Top Track Pivoting Door that is offered in three different sizes?

It is extremely important to measure the width of your enclosure from wall to wall to determine what your opening is. For example, the rough-in dimension for a new shower enclosure might be 36”, but once you install the drywall, side walls or tile the actual finished dimension may be closer to 33”, so you would need to purchase the 30”-33” glass panel to complete your project.

7. Where can I find other glass and finish options?

If there is something that you want that may not be available at your local The Home Depot store you can check us out at Delta Shower Doors where you can find our complete offering which includes many unique and eclectic patterns as well as White and Polished Brass tracks. Conveniently, if you do find something on our website you can simply click the “add to cart” button and have it shipped right to your local The Home Depot store.

8. I previously ordered the Panache Handle or Knob.  Is it now discontinued?

No, we simply renamed that handle & knob “Lyndall” to be consistent with our Lyndall collection of bath hardware products that include robe hooks, towel rings, TP holders and our wall mounted towel bars. This allows our consumers to coordinate all of their bath hardware products by collection name.

9. I purchased online and need to return.

You can return your online purchase in its original packaging along with proof of purchase to your local Home Depot within 90 days after purchase.

10. Learn more:

Text SHOWER to 24587 to speak live with a customer service agent, view the online design tool, or watch a quick 45 second video on the shopping process. Message and data rates may apply.

11. My store does not carry the No Top Track Pivoting Door in bronze:

You can find the No Top Track Pivoting Door in Bronze online as well as other knob design options!

12. My store does not carry the sliding Contemporary Style Bathtub track:

The sliding bathtub Contemporary Style track is available online if not offered at your local store.

13. What if I want to purchase a door that is all-in-one box?

We offer a limited selection of all-in-one framed kits under our Franklin Brass brand.