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Custom Designed Shower Door Upgrades

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Making updates to home décor can be exciting, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. If you like to try out new furniture arrangements and are always updating your home accessories, you might have considered making a few updates to your bathroom as well. If you’ve purchased a Delta Shower Door, a whole new look is as simple as swapping out the hardware.

Delta® Shower Doors are customizable and can be created through a series of component choices. First you select the type of shower door you’ll need to fit your space. Then, you make selections for the glass, track style and hardware. But what happens if you prefer to change up your look after a few months or years?

Swapping out the track is the most labor-intensive update to make, because it involves taking out the doors, removing the old track, and securing the new track in place. If you want to transition from a Traditional track to the Contemporary style, you would need to account for the existing holes and note that the new style of track may not completely cover this area.

However, there are many simpler changes that can be made. If you are satisfied with your current shower door track, you can easily change out the glass style in the doors from clear to patterned, opaque to clear or any other available choice. Adding a new handle is another cost-effective update that could change the entire look of your shower door. If you’re swapping metals, consider coordinating the other hangers, hooks and hardware in your bathroom.

Since the components of Delta® Shower Doors can be changed, creating a whole new look in your bathroom is as easy as swapping hardware and adding coordinating accessories. Feel free to experiment with styles and try something dramatic with bronze hardware, or pick something more traditional.